Dreams Don’t Stutter

Tumi Bulunga with a copy of his novel

Born and bred in Soshanguve, 30 year old Tumi Bulunga, is a Journalist, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, consultant, part time model and it came as no surprise when he decided to write his first novel which has sold more than 600 copies to date.

Titled Dreams Don’t Stutter, the book was inspired by his speech impediment of stuttering.

Bulunga says he was not supposed to do what he is currently doing because according to societal standards, he does not have the right voice or tone.   “A person who stutters like me is not supposed to be in front of the microphone,” said Bulunga.

He says growing up, he was teased a lot and he ended up being called ‘umshefane’ because he would stutter when he spoke and this affected his self-esteem and he suppressed his creativity, opinions and feelings.

He said most of his inspiration to write his book came from God’s calling and for him to show people that whatever weaknesses one has, the Lord can use weaknesses for strengths.

He says in life people have different things that prevent them from progressing and he refers to those things as the stuttering God uses to promote his people.

He furthers says the book’s hidden message is, do not let your weaknesses stop you from chasing after your dream.

Bulunga is a self-published author who got his financial support from family and friends. He sells his copies himself for R150 a copy and can be found on his facebook page or Instagram @ Tumi Bulunga.