Sports involvement of the elderly is far more important than one can think. In later life the elderly gets less and less interested in Physical exercising and sports because of their age, not knowing that at they need to do is exercise more.

Founder and coach of the Health and Fitness Club, 63 year old Sinnah Magnae,  started a Health and Fitness Club for the Aged (HEFCA), in Soshanguve block G Hill Top sports ground. The purpose of this Fitness club is to get older woman active, healthy and most of all,  to decrease their sicknesses trough exercise.

“The only medication to live a healthy and long life is through exercise” said Coach Magnae.

“Exercising is mostly important for elderly because it can prevent disease or chronic conditions and it may also delay diseases such as diabetes, stroke heart disease just to name a few and for that reason we decided to start this club” she continued

Hefca was started in February 2016 and currently consists of 80 members from age 50 to 80 some which were wheel chair bound, but through these exercises are able to walk.

“An elderly woman once came to gym and told me she couldn’t wear high heels but now she can and said it was because of these exercises” Coach said.

Titurs Lehumo (70), a member of HEFCA said it is important to  exercise because it helps one perform well and reduces Blood pressure (Bp) levels.

On the 26 of May the club visited Kameldrift where presents were given to the elders. However, like any other team HEFCA has financial problems and are in need of sponsorship.  During winter the club is limited when it comes to exercises.

“We are unable to do sit ups and other exercises that will need you to lay on a flat surface because we do not have material such as gym mates” said Hefca coach.



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Ivanilde Melembe