Thalitha Mataboge

Thalitha Mataboge, from Pretoria North has been announced as a Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa Semi-Finalist for 2024.

Her journey began on the 1st of March, where she was invited, along with the other beautiful, sophisticated and married women from all over South Africa, for 2nd National Casting and Empowerment workshop, held at Emperors Palace.

Once selected, the semi-finalists then attended weekend a long workshops to help them prepare for the journey ahead.

Thalitha Mataboge

Ms Thalitha Mataboge is a wife to Patrick Mataboge, a mother of three, a career and a business woman, sister and community builder. She owns the events and Decor Company called Divine Decor and Shanis Logistics Company. She is full of energy, a peace maker, negotiator and family orientated. She is full of life and loving.

“Handling Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa 2024 and family is not so easy since I also have a full time job and an Events Company. It is challenging but I am enjoying every moment.

“I Just need to balance all that and I am grateful to my husband and children’s tremendous support and understanding,” she said.

Tammy Taylor is the number one pageant and female empowerment for married women program in South Africa.

Ms Mataboge said she was inspired to enter the competition firstly to win and by the fact that Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa and Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa is about women taking care of other women and girls that are less fortunate than others.

Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa has a charity organization called Women4Women through which women are able to raise funds and donate for the needy.

It is also about mentoring, giving hope, embracing the spirit of ubuntu and helping other women. It is also about sharing, passing skills and caring for one another to make a difference by changing someone’s life in a positive way. It also teaches not to be selfish and helps to also spread #End Girl Hate campaign.

“I would like encourage all married women between the age of 25 to 50, with or without children to enter because Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa competition changed my life in a positive way. This competition will help you realize your self-worth, your potential, your abilities and your strengths.

Thalitha Mataboge

You will be surprised to what you can achieve when you are not in your comfort zone.” She said.

Through Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa competitors get to network with other women from all walks of life, different backgrounds and life experiences.

“Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa helps you to love and appreciate yourself because you are unique and bona-fide. You will also learn to strive to be your best version and to always have hope and face all your challenges without giving up,” Ms Mataboge said.

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