A 31 year old unemployed woman from Soshanguve block H has come up with an initiative to help clean toilets in primary schools as a way of giving back to the community.

Ms Ramaru spends most of her day either at Rulani or Phuthanani primary school in Soshanguve cleaning toilets. She cleans toilets atleast three times a day before school commences, after brake and after second brake. Her wish is for schools to implement such methods.

“I’ve seen and noticed that public school toilets are very dirty and unhealthy due to school budget,” she said.

This initiative was started in February 2024 after Ms Ramura was inspired by issues of sanitation which is affecting the youths.

Because learners do not always have money, they prefer to use dirty toilets

“Sanitation is something you can prevent by just taking a bucket to clean up. Toilets need to be clean especially for females because they can’t hold their urine for long at it might affect their bladders. We can prevent such things if we employ specific people who will only be responsible for cleaning toilets,“ said Ms Ramura.

In her approach, learners are required to pay R1 every time they use the bathroom. This money is used for buying cleaning material.

Although this method is not sustainable because the learners do not always have money, she still provides the service to keep the toilets clean for the sake of the children.

“Schools also do not have budgets and they always tell us that they are waiting for government to provide material every time we ask for cleaning material,” she said.

Community members who can help to keep this dream alive are requested to assist.